Thursday, June 28, 2007



Hey everyone! Its Emily (Geo's Daughter - the offical blogger of River 2 River) We got off and running at 5am on the dot. Everyone is feeling great and the weather is BEAUTIFUL!! We are stopped for a moment at the FinishLine store in Ozark. There was a sheriff that turned around and was coming very close to Yell's car (that i was driving...VERY NICE). He ended up asking me where we were headed and asked to escort us.

^Yell and Rebecca^

Thanks The POINT! WOOOOWW!!!!!
Kevin...Email me ( and i will give you numbers to talk to dad or get you another update.)

Hey Evie and Julie And Aunt Dana and Angie! Thanks for covering my groups while I'm out!

Check back in a little while... Gotta get back on the bike!

Send in you donations now!! (PLEASE!)

We will be in russellville about 10 a.m. at the McDonalds! Come Join Us!!!!

I will update soon and thanks to everyone for your support!
Please please please donate!!!


Dana said...

Way to go Geo!!! we are thinking about you! Dana

Rennie said...

Ride like the wind! ;)
We'll see you about 4 in front of Arkansas Children's Hospital - Go GEO!

Dana said...

Hey Emily :) I'm glad things are goind good... talk to you really soon

Christina Cook said...

You are amazing! This is such a great thing you are doing! Wishing you a smooth and easy ride today!

Callie said...

GO GEO GO! I will see you around 1600 with my cool sign.

Rachael said...

you are AWESOME! We will be there to cheer you on about 4 today!!! :)

maggie_1 said...

Go Geo!!! We love you man.
Be safe!
Judy Mc

Tarina Goodwin said...

George you are so awesome!!! I pray for your angels protection, the wind behind your back and lots of money for ACH!!!

Melissa said...

Great bloggin' Emmy! Glad things are going well. Me & the babies want to see lots of pics from the arrival at ACH. Wish we could be there!

Love yall!
Mel, K & E