Thursday, June 28, 2007


Well hello everyone! I just wanted to update yall. We are doing good but it is getting a little hot! We are driving through Conway then we will hit HWY. 365 to Maumelle then to River trail the to the Hospital. We should be arrive there about 5 - 5:30!

I have been trying to put pictures on here but everytime i try they don't work. We will show lots later! Sorry!

Hope to see everyone at the hospital at 5ish!



Anonymous said...


I was sitting in the followup meeting for CARTI's Tour de Rock and a young lady comes in telling me about your ride. Wow, you are a trooper. What a feat for such a great cause. Sorry you had to stop at ACH for recovery. But I bet it was still a total success.

One other thing, I LOVE the jerseys you had made. I will like to find out cost of those. I would like to do something similar for the CARTI ride next year. Would you mind sharing with me the total costs, like setup and printing per jersey.

I really appreciate your help and thanks for being a avid cyclist and caring worker at ACH.


Scott Gann

Ginger said...

Hi, George --

AWESOME arrival and great turnout at ACH yesterday afternoon!!!

You, Terri, Emmy, Tyler and the entire entourage for the River2River ride are WINNERS to all of us!

Don't worry about cutting the ride short - the result is a big success! You raised awareness for the children of Arkansas - and you've raised money for patients at ACH!

Kelley heard a father in the lobby asking what the big hoopla was outside and when he learned what you were doing he said, "Well, I need to shake that man's hand!" That's what it's all about, Geo -- spreading Care, Love and Hope to these children and their families!

We all stand behind you (and family and friends)and commend you for the example you've set before us.

Get some rest and we look forward to hearing about the ride when you get back!

Great job, everyone!