Friday, June 29, 2007

The After Shocks

I'm honestly blown away. I have gotten encouraging emails from people all over the place. In fact there were 200 emails left after I moved the work (hospital) emails.

I slept all morning and got up and returned the team van. Even though I've been sluggish, it's been a nice day.

Terri and I went to the Rave to see Evan Almighty. It's ok but there was a point in the movie where I had to really hold in the tears. There's a part where everyone think Evan has lost his mind building the ark and his wife and kids move out. Evans wife runs into God (Morgan Freeman) would at that moment is playing a cook name Al Mighty. He talks to her about the opportunity she has and standing by her husband no matter how off the hook the idea he has is. I just sat there thinking, yep, Terri has stuck beside me the whole way.

There are so many people to thank for training and riding the ride with me. There are those who are an inspiration just by me being around them.

More later...

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